Friday, September 23, 2016

Lynchings By Police Are A National State Of Emergency #BlackLivesMatter

The twin sister of this week's unarmed black man shot dead by police, Terence Crutcher, mourns.
Give fearful people a lot of guns -- and what happens? They shoot innocent people to death often, and then excuse their behavior by saying they felt scared.

Lynchings by police of black people constitute a national state of emergency.

Don't give people the opportunity to feed and educate their children securely with access to good health care and decent housing and what happens? They lash out in fury in response to more lynchings, and destroy property that represents everything they don't have.

Give fearful people a demagogue to claim their nation could be "great" "again" -- and what happens? Other fearful people go beserk claiming a warmonger and nation destroyer is the only "moral" choice at the ballot box.

Don't give people who love and respect the planet the power to make decisions about the homeland we all share -- and what happens? Corporate overlords destroy the commons while native people put their lives on the line as protectors of the water upon which our form of life depends.

Give fearful people 24/7 entertainment packaged as news and commentary and what happens? They can't think straight because they lack authentic information and analysis.

Don't give a voice to marginalized groups like young people, native people, people of color, people with disabilities, and people who identify as LGBT -- and what happens? 

Our society gets dumber with each passing day -- which suits our corporate overlords just fine.

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Stop The War$ On Mother Earth: 5th Annual Maine Peace Walk

5th Maine Peace Walk to Stop the War$ on Mother Earth

Indian Island (Penobscot Nation) to Kittery October 11-26

For immediate Release

Contact:  Bruce Gagnon (207) 443-9502

Peace and environmental activists from Maine and beyond will walk through large portions of our state from October 11-26 in order to bring the issues of endless war, environmental degradation, and climate change to the public’s attention.  The walk will begin on Indian Island (with a supper and ceremony hosted by the Penobscot Nation) and end in Kittery.

“We come together out of our deep concern about the many different wars being waged on Mother Earth, ranging from over-fishing, deforestation, and human-caused extinctions, to climate disruption and endless war,” said Russell Wray of Citizens Opposing Active Sonar Threats (COAST) in Hancock.

According to walk co-organizer Connie Jenkins from Orono, “Close to home we support the Penobscot Nation’s struggle for Justice for the River, opposition to the East/West Corridor, and conversion of war production to alternative energy at Maine shipyards.  We know from past experience of walking through rural and urban Maine that many people will be reached with our messages. We hope this spiritual act of walking and sharing conversation and food will help people in our state feel less isolated and despairing about the future.”  

The peace walk begins on Indian Island October 11 and will pass through Dexter, Pittsfield, Unity, Waterville, Augusta, Norway, Lewiston, Brunswick, Bath, Freeport, Portland, Saco, Kennebunk, York Beach, and Kittery.  The walk will average about 12 walking miles per day. (Some driving will be necessary between some of these communities.) In the evenings walkers will be fed at local churches and will often stay in local homes.)

The walkers will hold a protest at Bath Iron Works on October 20 at 3:00 pm and conclude on October 26 with a protest at the naval submarine yard in Kittery.  Both protests will call for the conversion of the Maine shipyards to alternative energy production such as public rail systems, solar power, wind turbines and tidal power systems. Studies at UMASS-Amherst Economics Department reveal that building needed alternative energy rather than military production would create more jobs.  See the study at

Buddhist monks and nuns from the Nipponzan Myohoji order will lead the non-violent peace walk.  Their order does peace walks all over the world.

Maine Walk for Peace is sponsored by:  Penobscot Nation; Smedley D. Butler Brigade Veterans For Peace (Boston area); Global Network Against Weapons & Nuclear Power in Space; Maine Veterans For Peace; Citizens Opposing Active Sonar Threats (COAST); Veterans For Peace (National); Peninsula Peace and Justice; Maine Natural Guard; Greater Brunswick PeaceWorks; Maine War Tax Resistance Resource Center; Veterans For Peace, Jim Harney Chapter 003; Peace & Justice Center of Eastern Maine; Alliance for the Common Good; Grandmothers Against the East/West Corridor; Resources for Organizing and Social Change (ROSC); Pax Christi Maine; Friends of the Piscataquis Valley; Concord Massachusetts Peace Vigil; Peace Action Maine; ESTIA Maine; Stop the East-West Corridor (STEWC); Maine Green Independent Party; Mission Board of State Street Church (Portland); Reversing Falls Sanctuary; Peace to All Beings; Waldo County Peace & Justice

The daily schedule and entire walk route can be found at Maine Veterans For Peace